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About me

I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Orléans in the mathematics laboratory of the IDP, Institut Denis Poisson. I belong to the Analysis and Geometry team.

Research interest

Dynamics in several complex variables. My area of research is pluripotential theory and ergodic theory, using positive closed currents, invariant measures and their Lyapunov exponents, and measurable partitions. During my thesis, I studied endomorphisms of the complex projective plane and their ergodic properties (Lyapunov exponents, regularity of equilibrium measures and Green's currents) as well as their geometric properties (invariant holomorphic foliations). Since the beginning of my post-doc, I have been interested in holomorphic families and bifurcation phenomena, while continuing in the direction of my thesis work.

key words– Green current, equilibrium measure, Lyapunov exponents.

Past and present positions


Preprints and publications

  1. Tapiero, V. (2024). Invariant foliations for endomorphisms of P2 with a pluripotentialist product structure. Preprint available on HAL/arXiv
  2. Dupont, C. & Tapiero, V. (2023). On slice measures of Green currents on CP(2). To appear in the proceedings of the Simons Symposia on Algebraic, Complex, and Arithmetic Dynamics. Preprint available on HAL/arXiv
  3. Tapiero, V. (2022). Absolute continuity for semi-extremal holomorphic mappings. Preprint available on HAL/arXiv